Friday, June 26, 2009

We want real health care reform!

I said before that the push for single payer health care isn’t going away, and I meant it. You just have to love Single Payer Action, an organization that ambushes officials, and videotapes their responses when asked about single payer health care. Real health care reform is what I’m talking about. Not the sham that President Obama, Senator Baucus, and their cohorts, are going to pass off on us. House Resolution 676 is a great bill, and would provide us with single payer health care if passed. Below are a couple of videos put together by Single Payer Action. The video on top is of Rahm Emanuel (the current White House Chief of Staff), and the one below is of Gus Bilirakis (a Congressman from Florida). I am very tempted to send some money off to that organization one day to show my support.

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